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Reptile hide #2, front entry- 10 colors/3 sizes! By
  • Reptile hide #2, front entry- 10 colors/3 sizes! By

    This is a custom, hand carved reptile hide featuring a corner entry that opens to a nesting chamber that is easily accessible from the bottom.


     All orders are custom made by hand and take roughly 3.5 weeks to complete and ship!

    It makes a realistic, functional and impressive showpiece to any enclosure or terrarium.
    We designed this to replicate the organic feel of real reptile burrows in the wild.
    Entry ways open up to a  private lair.
    This provides your reptile with a hidden, secure and comfortable place to hide.

    Available in 10 colors and five sizes.
    It is finished with a durable and mildly abrasive surface to aid with shedding, to provide better grip when climbing....and for a more natural look and feel.

    Each piece is slightly different since these are hand made and not from a mold...but are close to the design pictured.

    Do NOT use as a basking spot!

    Product is made from foam with a rock-like surface and is a lightweight option compared to actual rocks.


    What's the difference between a hide? a cave? and a burrow?

    Hides have a more natural rock shape and are hollow with 1 entry.

    Caves are rectangular and include 1 entry with a tighter entry that opens up after a 90 degree turn.

    Burrows are either rectangular or square, and include a wide top entry that lowers down and makes at least 2 turns before opening into the main chamber with lower ceilings.


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