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Rose + Cactus - SuperChuckwalla ( food topping forChuckwalla
  • Rose + Cactus - SuperChuckwalla ( food topping forChuckwalla

    Spineless prickly pear cactus grown in the USA perfectly blended with Rose (Rosa Gallica) from Pakistan.

    Organic & Natural ingredients.

    All of our SuperChuckwalla products are hand sifted for absolute best & freshest ingredients available in the world.

    Our products enrich your reptiles boring daily meals with Bold flavors, colors and aroma's.

    Rehydrates when mixed with regular food!


    To Flavor:  Add a small pinch to a food container with 2-4 days worth of chopped staple greens.

    Shake to mix. Keep flavored food refridgerated and serve chilled.


    This flavor is also available in 4 additional options.

    - SuperHerbivore  ( 100% )

    - SuperUro ( + Dandelion leaf )

    - SuperTortoise ( + Plantain leaf )

    - SuperBeardie ( + Alfalfa leaf )


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