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Super Seed sample pack
  • Super Seed sample pack

    100% Organic & Natural ingredients.

    All of our products are hand sifted for only the best and most colorful ingredients.


    This generous sample pack consists of 10 types of edible seeds perfect for reptiles, like Uromastyx, Bearded dragon's, Tortoise, Chuckwalla, ect.

    Seeds have long been a favorite treat for Uro's and now its never been easier for them to sample some of the best in the world.
    May be fed dry as a treat but for best results, Add a pinch of these seeds to 2-3 days worth of chopped greens, shake in a storage container and store in the fridge.
    This sample pack includes:
    Black chia
    White chia
    Black sesame
    White sesame
    Milk thistle


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