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Whole leaf feeding branch

Our whole leaf feeding branch is the first of its kind and a completely new concept for feeding Uromastyx.

The idea is simple, a flexible clip that suspends a whole leaf above the ground.

This allows your uromastyx to graze naturally in an upward posture just like they do in the wild.

By eating from overhead.... it allows them to bite off perfect sized pieces, swallow comfortably and get exercise while eating.

The swivel clip holds onto the leaf and replicates the natural movement of plants in the wild.


The leaf stem should be attached to the part of the stem that allows the very edge of the leaf to hang just above the ground.

Once your uro eats up as high as can lower the leaf down more by attaching the clip to the stem closer to the stalk end.


Additional benefits of the feeding branch.

* Keeps food from dragging on the substrate.

* Eliminates the risk of injesting sand.

* Promotes handfeeding.

* By hanging the leaf upside down, the plants water drains down and keeps the edible part                       hydrated longer.

* Allows you to monitor how much your Uromastyx is eating by how much of the leaf is left.


So far, every single uro we have tested it on has preferred to eat from the feeding branch as apposed to eating out of a bowl.

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